Happy Sunday Lovers! 


Since Sunday is ideally a super lazy day- it is important to prep your skin for the week ahead. As women, we find the time for everything that is important and give more to others than to our-selves.

We are starting a series of Self-grooming tips and videos, to keep all our ladies motivated and looking good. Remember, taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of others.

Why does self grooming matter?
Looking good is the key to feeling good. Even if you are a stay at home mom, it is healthy to look good and presentable for your own self. To eat right, to take out time for skin care everyday, to keep your upper lips from turning in to a stache, and all that good stuff we struggle with.
A happy person is a blessing to everyone around him/her and also to their own self.
In simple words:
Look good -> Happy -> Feel good -> Positive energy -> Universal Happiness


This feature is helpful for our future brides as well! Since you will be going through such a major transition in your life; from the comfort of your parents home where everything is provided for, to becoming a responsible woman of her own home, you definitely need to have a set of priorities where yourself should come in the first 5.

The Glam Glow Masks are real treatments and you can see a difference right away! Glam Glow experts recommend to use the products regularly for the first 3 times to see best results.



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Hope you guys enjoy this! Ask us any questions you like and please leave your feedback/any suggestions for future videos. 


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