Hello beautiful babes! 

Today's talk is all about hair. Let's be real- hair is one of the deadliest weapons that women use for salayage and just the overall extra effect, given the queens we are! 👸

My hair is as long and thick as it gets- touch wood- but it can be a total pain to manage. Real life problems: I cannot step out of the shower and go about my day, relying on my hair to air dry into a silky sleek straight and beautiful mane. Instead, I have to cry each time I brush it, cry after the shower when I brush it again and then spend 40 mins trying to diffuse it. All of this is IF i want to wear my NATURAL curls. Lets not talk about straightening or any shiz like that. Honestly everytime I think about washing my hair, I get tired by the mere thought and end up putting it off. I'm being honest here guys, dont judge me! 

Given all this struggle for my long beautiful hair, I want to share with you guys, a few things that made my life easier.

1. Oiling my hair and leaving the oil overnight

If you're South Asian, you know that our moms used to forcefully oil our hair as kids. Now, they've sort if given up on us (mine has). Oiling your hair can be beneficial for health growth for your new as well as existing hair. I like to wrap a hot towel around my hair so the oil penetrates deep in to my hair roots and I also put extra oil on the tips of my hair (split). This also prevents your scalp from getting oil after the wash because your body doesn't produce excess oil, thinking your scalp is dry- did that make sense?

I use a mixture of Castor oil + Almond oil + Olive Oil. I also apply this to my eye brows (when Im not being lazy)

2. Donot brush dry hair- if youre a curly hair girl

Only brush your hair in the shower with lots of conditioner on- this is how I did it for years. However, after a new method I discovered, my hair is soft enough to brush after the wash. Keep reading!

3. Try wide tooth combs vs Hairbrushes

Just take my word for it. They're easier to use, hurt less and detangle your hair instead of breaking it, when its knotted up

4. Use a GOOD conditioner, without Sulfate or Parabens.

Ive been loving the Loreal Everpure Blonde shampoo and conditioner. Its very moisturizing, leaves hair supple and so so soft. And it smells like heaven, ah!


Leave the conditioner on for at least 5 minutes. Use this time to scrub and polish your body in the shower- just a suggestion ;

5. Use a hair mask

This is the life changing product I have been talking about, Guys, I need you to know that I have never spoken about any hair product so passionately. This has nothing to do with a sponsorship or anything. This product has genuinely changed the way my hair feels and cut down my styling time by 25 minutes!


Loreal Elvive Total Repair Damage Erasing Balm.

I received this product complimentary from Influenster and have been using it for the past one month. The Loreal Damage Erasing balm comes with a promise to repair upto 1 year of hair damage in one use! They are not playing around. With literally the first wash, my hair felt smooth, silky and so much softer. Even after I heat styled my hair, it did not look coarse or dry.

If you have color treated hair or curly hair, you know the struggle with split ends and coarse, hay like hair. Curly hair tends to frizz out and leave you looking like a baboon, at the slightest hint of humidity. On top of that, bleaching your hair does not help at all- in turns add to the damage making your hair more prone to breakage and tangling. 

I have tried a ton of products to soften my hair post wash- and Loreal Damage Erasing balm is my holy grail. Retail price at $5.99 makes this product affordable for everyone! Beat that. I can promise you that this product will beat all your expensive salon brand hair masks and conditioners. 

A major bonus, which is huge for me. it smells AMAZING. 

Fight 5 signs of damage:

  1. Split ends
  2. Weak Hair
  3. Roughness
  4. Dullness
  5. Dehydrated Hair

Key Ingredients:

Almond + Protien + Ceramide 

One tub will last you a good couple months, at least. If you can relate to everything I spoke about above, go try this product and allow it to change your life! 

I hope you guys found this helpful. If you have any questions, please comment below. To stay in the loop with more stuff like this, please subscribe to my newsletter, I love chatting with you babes. Hugs and kisses,

Badiya xx