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Badiya NighatComment

Hi friends! I’m back after a break and so excited to get back to my blog. I took a little break from social media because it was getting some what overwhelming for me. However, I am so excited to be back and more motivated than ever!

During my time away I received a few packages and by far one of my most favorite is the Honest Beauty collection. Let me tell you why- I’m obsessed with makeup brands that incorporate skin care into their products. Working as a skin care consultant for Clinique for years, I learned the importance of skin care and how it differentiates one product from the other.

I’m aware and can totally relate to the fact that quality skin care products can be pricey and hard on your pocket. We are all trying to live by some kind of budget and that’s the smart thing to do. Considering all of these factors, Honest Beauty products really spoke to me and resonated with my concerns for quality ingredients in cosmetics, affordable pricing and amazing color pay off.

I feel fortunate to be able to receive these products and share my views with you guys so you don’t have to bust out of your budget when trying new things- I got you babies covered!


I received three products from Honest Beauty:

Extreme Lash Mascara + Primer

Demi-Matte Lip Crayon

Mattifying Everything Primer

What I loved about each product:

The mascara comes with a primer on the other side which I feel is pretty smart. Why do you need a primer, you ask? Mascara primers work like any other primer: they moisturize your lashes and prep them for mascara while keeping your lash hair healthy and soft. it also helps your mascara come off more easily when you remove makeup at the end of the night. And I’ll take anything that can reduce my eye lash fall out! Heck, I don’t need to be losing more lash hair, ya feel me?


The Demi matte lip crayon- my favorite product out of all three! Most of you guys know by now that my lips are naturally dark. That’s something that I’m always insecure about and can never step out of the house withont some kind of lip tint! This baby wins the price because of its velvety smooth texture, glide on formula that contains jojoba oils, murumuru butter and Shea butter. All of these are tested ingredients for softer skin and also help with pigmentation amongst many others things. I like that the crayon is amazingly pigmented- so I mostly blot it for a more natural stained lip look. This is an amazing alternative for lip balm, for those of you who have darker lips like mine! Winter doesn’t have to mean chapped lips no more- hallelujah! Last but not least, it’s very affordable to replenish and keep it as a beauty staple!

Heres the exact shade I’m wearing. I feel its a perfect color for all year round.

You can click on the images here to take your directly to the amazon link and buy the products I mentioned and the exact lip color I’m wearing.

Honest beauty products are also available at Target and

That’s all for now, babes.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little review!

Please feel free to ask any questions in comments below and if there are any products that you’d like for me to try, please reach out to me 💕