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Since I just started my blog.. I wasn’t really sure where to begin. I figure it’s best to start with the basics. You do not necessarily need the most high end products to have your makeup look flawless and on point. The question is more about how you apply the products on your face and whether they are right for your skin type. 

A major factor in this process is the make up brushes used to apply to products on to the face. It also has a lot to do with how your make up with end up looking once you are finished. 

Make up brushes can be an investment specially if you go for the suggested brands used by professional make up artist and the ones you see trending over Instagram. I know some people would say, ” I just use my hands and that works perfectly for me”. I agree that most people feel comfortable using their hands to apply product on their face. However, there’s a few things to be careful about:

Using your hands to apply make up- Pros and Cons: 

The good thing about using your hands to apply make up is that the fingers warm the product up and make it easy to spread and blend on the face 👌✔️

However, keep in mind that while using your fingers you are transfering the oiles from your hands on to the face which already has oils of its own. For people with combination to oily skin- that’s a no no. 

Also, you need to be careful that your hands are very clean since one of the major reasons for getting bumps on the face is touching your face with your hands when they are not totally clean. I struggle with this myself! I am always touching my face without even realising I m doing so. 

Where do brushes step in

As a beauty consultant I was constantly touching people’s faces. I feel I would not want touch someone’s skin and transfer my germs on to it unless I absolutely have to. Also, when you are working on a fast pace and need your hands to juggle around a million things at a time, you really need for them to be clean. Hence, we try to use brushes for everything that we possibly can. 


My favourite make up brushes

Here’s a few of my favourite brushes to apply face and eye make up. These are a few- but not all. I picked the most basic ones for today. Some of these brushes might be an investment for most of us. But trust me- they’re worth it. 

Let’s get in to why I love these brushes along with several other make up artists who rave about them. 

MAC Brushes






(L-R Mac 217, 239, 224. Morphe M507, M330)



Mac Eye Brushes

Brushes 217, 239 and 224. These are my staples for creating any and every eye look. 

The 224 is perfect for the soft crease/transition color and perfectly buffs the color for a soft outline of the eye. This allow you to create kind of a shadow of color on the outer end of the eye without the color being too defined. 

239 is a perfect brush to pack on color, Pigment or glitter on to the lid without any mess or effort. Makes your work so much easier!

The Mac 217 is one of the most popular Mac brushes. I personally own 3 of these! This is the most amazing blending brush I have used. It perfectly blends the color you place in the inner or outer crease and will make sure there are no lines between the different colours. There are several ways of using this brush- which I will get to in my next video.
Since I have to keep the videos short, I like to post most of the information here on my blog! 

Over the years, I have broken it down to these few brushes that I simply cannot do without. However, some brushes have added to this list.

Morphe Brushes

Morphe is a great make-up brush brand that is now also venturing in to make up products. Morphe brushes are a good quality and durable items without breaking your budget.

Particularly, I have come to love the Morphe M507 and M330.

Very similar to MAC 224 but slightly more feathered out, I use this brush with my transition color everyday and on every client. The Morphe M330 is great for adding dimension to the crease or using it for a smudge eye liner look. You could also use it under your eyes to add shadow to the lower lash line- however, I like to use a more precise brushes for that.

I will be doing a smokey eye tutorial for all my brides to be- using these eye brushes- coming this week!





(L-R: Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush, MFU Flat Foundation Brush, MAC 130 SH Duo Fibre Brush and RT Beauty Blender)

 These are some of my favourite brushes and a dupe for the Beauty Blender by Real Techniques for applying foundation, concealer, primer and other cream based highlighters. I will go into more depth about contouring and foundation routine in another post. 

I'M NOT A PRO MAKEUP ARTIST- Why shall I invest $45 in a brush?

A very valid question that I get a lot! 

Real techniques is an amazing brand of brushes with a very affordable price tag for all those just starting out with makeup and brushes. These were one of my first brushes as well and I still love them and use them for my make up projects. 

Here are the real technique brushes that I own and that are my favourite. I do not have their entire eye brush collection- however, you can use Morphe as an alternative for that.


Sigma brushes are a Holy Grail with very comparable prices and great durability. The f80 brush is my favourite after the Beauty Blender to apply foundation since if buffs in to the skin like a dream and makes the foundation look just like your skin, just better . Another brush has added to the list. For a heavier make up application and dry skin, I use the Make Up Forever HD Flat foundation Brush. I saw this used by another make up artist that I follow and decided to try it. I must say my life has not been the same after. I love this brush as it gives the smoothest foundation application and does not absorb your foundation compared to other flat brushes 😉 

Hope you guys find this helpful!