Rotating Outfits/Minimalism


Hey you guys!

Thank you for stopping by! So we’re here to talk about something very important. #confessionsofashopaholic

If you’re anything like me, you buy stuff because you think you can’t pass something so cute, so cheap, so stylish or any combination thereof. You’re probably also really good at convincing yourself why you really need this item in your closet- and why this pair of jeans is so much different than the other 6 blue jeans you have.

YES! GUILTY! I am so guilty of this, it’s not even funny.

So, I got sick of constantly having to arrange my closet and finding all these things every time that I’ve never worn- hell, I forgot I even had them. And I’m also the person who always wonders why I don’t have any money saved- smart right?

If you can relate with me so far, awesome! We can be friends and this needs to stop NOW! If you’re a good girl, unlike me, this post could come in handy for you when you’re packing for a trip!

Truth be told, if you invest in versatile items for yourself that you REALLY love and wear them over and over, in different ways, you get the most value for your money and you can use your $$ invest in new items next season. Instead of carrying the clothes that you don’t wear, over to the next, season each year.

So, what shall we do?

First things first, go through your closet. The items that you haven’t worn in over 2 seasons, chances are, you’re not gonna wear it this season either. Let it go!

I know it’s HARD, but if I can do it, you can too!

Next, stick to the pieces that fit you nicely. If you’re trying to lose weight, you can keep some of the goal outfits as your motivation. Anything else, that’s too big or looks sloppy, let that go too!

Colors. Stick to primary colors and the ones that look the best on you! I have a lot of black, white and grey. But I also have colored top- the ones I wear to work. Some colors are mood colors, you only wear them if youre feeling them that day or season. Try to stick to the colors that you really love! For the summer time, Kimonos or light jackets are a fun way to add color to your outfits. So, while I have a lot of white and black, my shoes and purses are rather colorful.

Contrast. Whoever told you your shoes need to match your bag, (except for mommy dearest) don’t listen to them. Go for contrast. Everything about your outfit doesn’t need to match. Wear

blue shoes with your yellow top and yellow shoes with your pink top. This way, you’re opening yourself to many options by mixing and matching.

Jeans. Invest in good and comfortable jeans that fit you nicely. This is probably the hardest part for me! Good jeans are really hard to find. But once you find them, they go a long way! Two black, two blue, one white, one grey and a couple colored jeans are all you need to last you winter and summer. For summertime, look toward cotton pants, slouchy pants or other comfortable options. If you wear skirts, having striped skirts is a really good option, since they go with everything. However, I invest in plain bottoms more than printed. The reason being: a) They make you look big (truth) b) they are easier to pair with anything else.

This comes in handy specifically when you’re packing for a trip. A black skirt will go with a blouse, t shirt, button down or a crop top. So will a denim skirt/jeans.

Think long and hard before you invest in a $70 pair of pants/top/jacket/shoes/anything! Ask yourself: Where can I wear this? How often can I wear this? Do I have anything that goes with this item? Do I have anything that’s close to this item? (Substitute) Do I NEED this? Do I have the space for this in my closet? Can I donate anything from my closet in exchange for buying this new item? What could I invest this $70 in, if not for this item?

And then, write down the money you save by this practice. TRUST ME, you’re gonna thank me later!

Try this, and find yourself relieved of always standing by your closet full of clothes but not having anything to wear!

What did you guys think of this post? Was it helpful? Would you like to see more posts like these? Would you like to get rid of old items in your closet and make some $ from them?

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Looking forward to hearing from you all. Love xoxo