Badiya Nighat

DIY Charcoal Face Mask Tutorial

Badiya Nighat
DIY Charcoal Face Mask Tutorial

Hey guys!

Charcoal Masks are the new thing hyped over social media and available in a variety of different packaging by several companies. Ive been seeing these for quite sometime and decided to make one at home to see whats the fuss about. I mean, why dish out $20 on a branded mask when you can make one yourself at home?

Learn how to make a charcoal face mask at home with this easy to follow tutorial.

It's great for reducing black heads and white heads, helps with pimples, gets rid of acne scars and is chock full of anti oxidants. I highly recommend it! Check out the video below:

Simple ingrdients, this is all you'll need:

Simple ingrdients, this is all you'll need:

Charcoal is very helpful in flushing out toxins from your body. It is often used as an antidote for different kinds of poisoning and as an antacid capsule as well.

This mask has really helped me with my acne and the left over scars from acne. When your skin breaks out this often, you are often able to see enlarged pores (especially on the skin around your nose). I have seen amazing results with this mask in reducing all those ugly pores and acne marks.

Best thing about it? Its super economical and the results are very comparable to some name brands in the market!

If you have oily skin, you can add some clay powder in the mixture. This will make the mask a little more drying in a way that it soaks up the oils from your skin, leaving your face feeling very clean and fresh.

If you missed this in the video, here are the ingredients:

-Charcoal Capsules     2 (for one time use of the mask for the whole face)
-Glycerine                    1 Tbsp
-Vitamin E Oil             1 tbsp
=Tea Tree Oil-              A few drops

So that's about it for this one. I hope you guys try the mask and love it.
Please leave your feedback and tell us how it worked for you.

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